Alpha Asset Management

Alpha Asset Management is a limited liability private company incorporated in Zimbabwe under registration number 1608/2003, and commenced asset management operations in 2003. As a consequence of regulatory changes, Alpha Asset Management was licensed to offer investment advisory and portfolio management services by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (“RBZ”) in 2004. ALPHA is licensed in terms of the Asset Management Act, [Chapter 24:26] and Collective Investment Schemes Act, [Chapter 24:19]. .

More on Alpha Asset Management

Equity Portfolio Management

We invest in quoted companies on behalf of clients using technical and fundamental analyses to make investment decisions. more

Money Market Portfolio Management

Our money market desk is involved in short term highly liquid investments which are usually secured.more

Custodial services

Alpha Asset also offers custodial services to its clients for the safe keeping of share certificates and other financial instruments.more

Pension Fund Management

This involves the management of various pension funds with the objective of funding pension fund liabilities as...more

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